Chantry Bridge, Normanton All Saints Church, St Catherine's Font Belle Vue, Heath Water Tower, Sharlston Pit Wheel
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Backhouse DE Wakefield YKS 1459
Beaumont CD Almondbury YKS 1456
Bedford CD West Ardsley YKS 1456
Bower ABCD Silkstone YKS 1456
Cawthra/w CDE Wakefield YKS 1459
Cawthra/w BCDE Bradford YKS 1459
Chapel CD Barnsley YKS 1458
Clough CDE Liversedge YKS 1456
Coates CDE Leeds YKS 1459
Dobson CD Bradford YKS 1459
Dobson CD Wakefield YKS 1459
Fisher BC Liversedge YKS 1456
Foxcroft ABC Normanton YKS 1458
Frobisher AD Normanton YKS 1458
Frobisher D Castleford YKS 1458
Gamewell DE Sheffield YKS 1456
Gee CDE Leeds YKS 1459
Harford CD West Ardsley YKS 1456
Hargrave DE Wakefield YKS 1459
Hoyle C Elland YKS 1458
Hoyle D Barnsley YKS 1458
Hoyle D Silkstone YKS 1458
Kitson ABCD West Ardsley YKS 1456
Morrill BC Knottingley YKS 1456
Ortton CD Sheffield YKS 1456
Oxley CDE Wakefield YKS 1459
Pickles CD Dewsbury YKS 1456
Poskitt AB Kellington YKS 1458
Poskitt AB Birkin YKS 1458
Poskitt C Carcroft YKS 1458
Poskitt D Arksey YKS 1458
Poskitt C Barnby Dun YKS 1458
Powell CDE Wakefield YKS 1459
Schofield BC Eckington DBS 1456
Selly CD Howden YKS 1459
Shaw CD Huddersfield YKS 1456
Smith/Smyth ABC West Ardsley YKS 1456
Stead CDEF Wakefield YKS 1459
Stead CD Dewsbury YKS 1459
Stead DE Leeds YKS 1459
Sykes BCD Sheepridge YKS 1456
Tattersall DEF Wakefield YKS 1459
Tattersall D Silkstone YKS 1458
Tattersley CD Barnsley YKS 1458
Tattersley D Silkstone YKS 1458
Taylor CDE Knottingley YKS 1456
Whitham BC Ecclesfield YKS 1456
Wilson BCDEF Wakefield YKS 1459
Windle CD Dewsbury YKS 1456
Wormald DEF Wakefield YKS 1459
Wragg C Sheffield YKS 1456
Wright BC Killamarsh DBY 1456
Youlle D Barnsley YKS 1458
Youlle ABC Silkstone YKS 1458

Code letters to Members' Interests :-
A - pre 1700, B - 1700-1750, C - 1750-1800, D - 1800-1850, E - 1850-1900, F - after 1900

Dave Bradley will respond by email to all enquiries regarding this service, for which there will be no charge. Please give the Surnames which you are researching and Dave will send you a list of names and addresses of other members researching the same names. However, members wishing to receive a paper printout will still be required to pay a fee of 2 per name to cover costs.

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